Thank you for coming to my site. I made this digital portfolio to showcase some of my favorite photos I have taken since starting my passion for photography. This passion started when I took River Rossi's Digital Landscape class at Carleton College and got the chance to experiment with many types of photography. I took an extreme liking to long-exposure photography, shown through my astrophotographs.


I got the name Clex Digital from my friends at Carleton who switched the A and C from my names to make 'Clex Aardenas'. It stuck. I have many, many people to thank for this site, including my parents, my then-girlfriend Paj Zaub Vwj, Jonathon Liou who inspired me to make a website, River Rossi for striking the match that lit this fire, and Andrew Wilson for never ceasing to comment on the quality of my photos.


Though I started in the Spring of 2018, I have amassed a huge collection of camera gear.  To view my gear, click here.

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