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Nomatic Backpack Review

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

This review comes from the lens of a College student who goes to school in Minnesota and spends nearly all year there. Hometown of Los Angeles as well. Throughout my year, I need a backpack for 1) School (papers, notebook, pens); 2) Photography (camera, batteries, tripod, lenses); and 3) Travel (clothes, toiletries, camera, food). This review will be divvied up into a background, those three respective categories, and then a fourth for overall thoughts and feelings.

Before I begin: Overall, I would NOT recommend this backpack. (This is also not a sponsored review, I bought this backpack with my own $$$).


I had spend nearly 2 years with my Samsonite Backpack (I can't recall which one) that I had purchased for about $40 (it was originally more but the store mislabeled the price tag yet honored it). That backpack held A LOT of stuff and served me very well. Unfortunately, it was not very water resistant at all and the water bottle holder had torn. I spent about 4 weeks researching backpacks of all types and reading as many reviews as I could and watching literal hours of YouTube. Finally, after long thoughts, I purchased this Nomatic Backpack for the $240 price tag (that included the "Removable panel for paper, tech, and accessories"), I also purchased the "BACKPACK WAIST STRAPS" for an extra $30.


The backpack came in a custom rectangular cardboard box in the mail that actually looked really nice but I threw it away that same day. From order date to delivery date, was 8 days.

To Be Continued...

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