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Rangers 55” Aluminum Tripod Review

This is a review of this product. At the time of my purchase, it was $67.49 (as of Mar 14, 2019, it is $71.99 with 4 1/2 stars).

Overall: I WOULD recommend this product.


I am a college student who does photography as a big-time hobby. Recently, I traveled abroad to Prague for 3 months and brought this tripod with me to all of my excursions.

I had been looking for a small, light, and affordable tripod to take with me to my study abroad. I had tried the JOBY GorrilaPod 3K but it didn't have a high enough weight capacity for my needs and it was not tall enough for me. After some research, it had come down to a random-brand tripod and a Mantfrotto Befree tripod. But after my Aunt had offered to buy a tripod for me, I went with the cheaper option and purchased the Rangers 55" Aluminum Tripod.


This tripod worked very well for most of my needs. Setting it up outdoors is fast and easy. It folds up pretty small to the point where I can fit it in my water bottle holder of my backpack (tight squeeze but works). The hook at the bottom of the tripod is a nice addition but doesn't work to well for my needs because it's not big enough for my bags' straps.

The tripod head that is included is also very nice. It has only one knob for adjustments which I actually prefer (as opposed to a separate one I have which has 3). The head is very stable and I have no fears of the camera falling off.

This tripod also has three nice features. First, one of the legs is removable to be a monopod. I have only used the tripod as a monopod once (for sports photography) and from that single experience, I didn't like it. The idea is good but it simply was not tall enough for me to use standing. If perhaps I was sitting, it would suffice but that was not my need.

The second nice feature is that the main shaft is reversible, allowing you to photograph something directly below or from a lower angle. I use this feature when trying to photograph something that is low to the ground.

The third nice feature is that the tripod legs have a multi-angle feature meaning that the legs can lock in at a normal angle, a medium-low angle, and a low-to-the-ground-angle.

Sometimes, I do have fears that the tripod will tip over if I have it extended too high. I rarely extend this tripod to its full length unless I am indoors and I know it will be safe. If there are others around, I wouldn't risk extending it to its full height.

Unfortunately, stability with this tripod is a problem. This tripod is fine for short-normal shutter speeds but for my astrophotography setup, I do not use this tripod. With the winds of Minnesota and the 60 second exposures I need at 105mm, I use my school's beefy Manfrotto tripod. For travel, this tripod is great! For professional or astrophotography needs, I do not recommend this tripod.


  • Inexpensive (relatively)

  • Three Features (Reversible Shaft, Monopod Leg, Multi-Angle Legs)

  • Small folding size and lightweight (Travel-friendly)


  • Not the most stable

  • Not tall enough for some occasions

  • Plastic leg clips

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